Why I Draw

Posted by | Jan 16, 2018

New Year with Sophia Liang
I draw for a living. I use visuals to create clarity, see connections, make ideas sticky, and enable people to have better conversations.

When I’m working with a client, I am paid to draw well. A well-drawn image and an organized map conveys more information, tone, and context than text alone.

Bullet Journaling with Sophia Liang

But I don’t draw like that everyday. When I take my own personal notes, I use visuals as a tool but not as an art form. My bullet journals are plain, simple, boring, but effective. My napkins are filled scribbles, and when I doodle to think, I draw one pattern that I repeat.

So for anyone out there that is taking the leap in 2018 to use visuals as a tool to think, process information, and find clarity, don’t be intimidated by Instagram or Pinterest. Be inspired. Start by drawing for yourself because it’ll make a difference. You’ll be surprised at the creative freedom pen and paper will bring.

Happy 2018!

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