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Posted by | Mar 21, 2017

One of the most inspiring programs I’ve worked on this past year is the State Summit with the National Honor Society/National Junior Honor Society. At each state summit, more than 150 students gather together for a hands-on experiential leadership development program designed to cultivate empowerment and leadership skills. Organized by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the day-long program is more of “think-tank” event than “talking heads.” Students are asked and encouraged to be fully present, voicing their ideas at the table, as they hear from state leaders on hot-button issues.

Leadership competency workshops offered include effective and persuasive communication, digital and social media, and project and team management; these are all highly participatory sessions. Then students deep dive into one of 3 global issues — conservation, global citizenship, and learning environments. Working with advisors and facilitators, they apply what they’ve learned and address a challenge for their school using design thinking strategies.

As I finish the fourth state summit, I reflect on the 750 students that have been impacted in a little less than a year. And 2017 is just beginning. These students have been empowered to speak up, to be involved, and tackle the big challenges. They have heard inspiring stories about resilience, responsibility, and received calls to action. They carry a massive responsibility on their shoulders to create change. And from we’ve heard this past year, we’re in very good hands.

Check out just a few of the ideas that were presented. If you’re interested in the full maps from all 4 sessions, here are links to all of the e-Flipbooks we created:
New Mexico State Summit
Southern California State Summit
Ohio State Summit
Texas State Summit Session 1
Texas State Summit Session 2

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