Graphic Facilitation

The process of real-time capture of ideas and experiences through the use of pictures and text. We capture the group’s high level thinking and unearth connections and patterns that participants wouldn’t see otherwise.

  • Visually tracks the group’s conversation and progress
  • Creates a shared understanding of what the group is trying to tackle
  • Builds a common platform for moving forward
  • Drives individual/group accountability and decision making
  • Reaches both left and right brain learners

After the gathering, the visuals act as a “group memory.” They are a record of the process, thoughts, and ideas that happened in the room, and are a powerful driving mechanism to action steps. The visual maps are digitized into web/email friendly PDFs and high resolution files for reports, handouts, and more.

National GatheringExperience Design

A great experience will spark creativity, deepen relationships, and enhance productivity. Remember the last time you were in a meeting that truly gelled? Designing the right combination of custom visual tools will set the stage for productive, collaborative, and highly experiential conversations. With over 10 years of experiential design experience, we help clients create meaningful and impactful experiences.

  • Maximize participants’ learning with the right combination of visual support
  • Create an emotional connection through engaged and purposeful agendas

Custom Visuals

ReimagineCustomized visual tools, created in advance, sets the tone for any gathering, and serves as a touchstone to align the group. Visuals range from large wall-size maps that deliver complex information in a clear and creative way to tabletop templates that guide small groups to answer the same urgent question.

Need a new way to communicate your latest idea? Our fun, yet professional, style of sketch videos tell your story in 2-4 minutes. Every sketch video is different to deliver a highly customized experience for your viewer. We use mixed media, digital animations, and illustrations to craft a style that’s unique to you. Check out one of our videos here.


Up Your Visual Game

Bring the power of the pen into your organization and train your team to be better communicators through the use of visual thinking and language. Highly interactive, series of workshops designed for facilitators and managers to get down to the basics of the craft in a safe and inviting environment. Participants will leave knowing how to:

  • Enhance meeting productivity and engagement through the use of visuals
  • Quickly capture and organize information to create a common platform for understanding
  • Create simple visual templates to facilitate multiple conversations

Whether you’re a facilitator, project manager, or graphic recorder/facilitator, if you need a boost in your skills, we also offer 1:1 mentoring packages for a highly tailored, accelerated experience.