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As the field of visual thinking expands, morphs, and evolves, we would do well to learn from each other, prototype new ways of working, and push the boundaries of our respective creative practices. Sophia and Michelle are both so well-qualified to lead the way. Because of their experience, their innovative approaches to client work, and their impressive talents, it is no wonder that they inspire their clients (and colleagues!) again and again. Anybody who attends the Up Your Visual Game workshop will come away with some new tools and skills while enjoying every minute of it. Highly recommend!

– Anthony Weeks

Up Your Visual Game

Exciting news! This year at IFVP's Annual Conference, Sam Bradd and I will be leading Towards Mastery , a 1.25 day workshop in Decatur, GA. See my blog post for more details.

Designed for visual practitioners who have over 2 years of at-the-wall experience, this 2.5 day hands-on workshop to take your work to the next level. Learn to identify new possibilities for professional growth and re-imagine client partnerships through individual reflection, peer-sharing, and loads of practice! We'll focus on:

Up Your Visual Storytelling: Enhance your ability to visualize connections between what your audience is hearing and the progression of the conversation

Up your Visual Value Proposition: Understand your own knowledge gaps to develop customized visual tools and services for your client, learn how to apply the right visual tools at the right time.

Up Your Visual Literary: Shift your mindset to better understand, translate, and break down complex ideas into meaningful client context.

Up Your Listening: Understand your own listening biases, learn from experienced colleagues on how we each listen and filter differently, sharpen your skills to listen more effectively to better serve your clients.

For more information, reach out to us at connect@graphicfootprints.com