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Towards Mastery is delivered in a highly professional and engaging manner. It is hands-on, relevant and bursting with tips and techniques to elevate your graphic facilitation practice. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and found the first-hand insights from Sophia and Sam to be particularly invaluable.

– Bug Fawcett, EngageMe Consulting

If you are looking to ramp up your practice or business, this workshop is for you. Business advice, hands-on practice, peer work & feedback, this workshop has it all.

– Claudia Lopez, On the Right Mind

Beyond The Basics: Graphic Facilitation

February 11-13, 2018

Towards Mastery with Sophia Liang and Sam Bradd returns, this time in Portland, Oregon in February 2018!


• Designed for visual practitioners with 2+ years experience, a firm grasp on fundamentals and a desire to
stretch your potential. This fast-paced and participatory workshop includes two days of training and an
evening opening session.

• Every workshop is customized to participants' goals. We'll use storytelling, presentations, hands-on practice,
group dialogue, and a peer learning environment.

• Passionate about continuous improvement and learning, Sophia and Sam bring facilitation techniques, a
balance of theory and practice, years of business experience, and new visual tools to take your career to the
next level.

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