Let’s Change Your Next Conversation.

Posted by | Oct 31, 2013

Hire me to change the conversation

When I first came across graphic recording I was a program manager at a strategy think tank/consulting firm. I was responsible for putting together engaging, interactive, content-rich, live and virtual events for our membership program.  A colleague decided to take a course at the Grove in graphic facilitation and we tried the process out at one of our member events. What would live visuals add to our workshops?

I remember how the visuals changed the energy in the room before we even began speaking. How a simple hand-drawn agenda felt like we were about to create something special together. As my colleague started to capture the words we spoke in pictures and words on a big board at the front of the room, I had my major breakthrough. We had just begun to tap into the group’s collective mind. The visuals made the content “stickier” to remember and the format allowed us to see the arch/narrative of our story. Conversations that took place in front of the maps enriched thinking and kept the content alive well after the event.

Ten years later, I often wonder why we don’t have critical conversations visually mapped as we talk. It’s a process that literally brings our ideas come to life, builds connections between ideas, and helps us understand one another better. Hire me to help change your next conversation.


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