Why I Draw

I draw for a living. I use visuals to create clarity, see connections, make ideas sticky, and enable people to have better conversations.

When I’m working with a client, I am paid to draw well. A well-drawn image and an organized map conveys more information, tone, and context than text...Read More »

Beyond The Basics: Graphic Facilitation

2018 Beyond the Basics: Graphic Facilitation Workshop

Beyond the Basics with Graphic Facilitation with Sophia Liang and Sam Bradd returns, this time in Portland, Oregon in February 2018.

The graphic facilitation and graphic field is booming – are you getting the work you want?

Sophia and Sam designed this course...Read More »

Graphic Facilitation - How do you "up" your visual game?

I’m often asked, “how did you get started in your career,” and “how does someone get started?” And the simple answer is that I’ve been blessed with two amazing mentors in my career. Lynn Carruthers started me on this path of graphic recording and has been a constant support for...Read More »

Students Who Lead

One of the most inspiring programs I’ve worked on this past year is the State Summit with the National Honor Society/National Junior Honor Society. At each state summit, more than 150 students gather together for a hands-on experiential leadership development program designed to cultivate empowerment and leadership skills. Organized by...Read More »

Graphic Facilitation: Towards Mastery

Take a master class in graphic facilitation this summer with Sam Bradd (Drawing Change) and myself, Sophia Liang (Graphic Footprints) in Decatur, GA. Every year visual practitioners gather together to develop, deepen, and add to their visual toolkit.

Our accelerated pre-conference workshop (evening + 1 day session) is tailored to...Read More »

Choosing Your Clients

This year I’ve talked myself out of more than a dozen jobs. And it felt right. Graphic recording/facilitation makes a huge splash in the room, but when does “new and cool” become a hindrance to the event?

When we first start out in our careers, we say yes to everything. Saying...Read More »

Soaking Up Team Performance

This month, I spent 3 days at The Grove Consultants immersing myself in the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance (TP) system. The course was a clarifying experience that validated much of my current experience while working with a team.  More than validation, however,  the course provided a great model to help...Read More »

Tackling Our Mindset: Identifying Our Listening Filters

Whenever a client says, “Wow, you are an amazing listener,” my first thought goes to my husband. He often tells me that I turn off my professional listening skills when I walk through the front door. And it’s absolutely true. We turn our listening on and off, moment to moment....Read More »

IFVP 2016

Every year, I get to spend four days with visual practitioners from all over the world. It’s my time to reconnect with old friends, make new connections, learn more skills, and deepen my thinking on the work that we do. I was inspired by colleagues, a new organizational development track,...Read More »

Going Beyond the Icon—#thinkdrawchallenge

Recently I’ve been pushing myself to go beyond my tried-and-true visual icons. You know, the ones that feel like your most comfortable flannel pajamas that you wear every night. This doesn’t mean I’m practicing complicated versions of elephants and people, but rather I’ve been focusing on self-reflection and listening for...Read More »

Dive Beneath the Visual Iceberg

“The overall purpose of using graphic recording is to create a reflective experience with the visual chart(s) that inspires an insight or an “a-ha moment” for your participants. When you make it a habit to practice complete collaboration, you can fully integrate visuals in the larger context of...Read More »

Taking Markers, Paint, and Pencils to Dubai

A week spent in Dubai was full of listening, intense thinking, drawing, creative collaboration, authentic clients, smart people, and—not to
mention—very tall buildings and two very long plane rides.

Bringing a team together is always fun, but bringing them halfway around the world couldn’t have been complete without Alicia Bramlett, Alece...Read More »

Drawing is Essential. Art is Not Required.

“Art” is a loaded word within the field of visual practitioners and has been a popular topic online. Is what we do considered art? Does it matter? Years ago, I would cringe anytime anyone called me an artist, almost as if it undermined the “true” value of my work or...Read More »

Think Visually Before Expressing Visually

When people get excited about visuals, they grab a marker and start drawing. Then they’re surprised when they get frustrated because something feels off. The first reaction is usually to the image they’ve drawn, “It doesn’t look like an elephant,” or “My handwriting sucks.” And the inner critic inside...Read More »

Weaving Connections Throughout Our Work

(Westside Community Schools)

Long-term engagements with a single client are my favorite type of work. Working together, we can truly create something great, that leaves a lasting impact on the client, and can affect change.

Last year, I worked with Education Elements and the Read More »

Visual Experience — Anchored by Content or BUST

Experience is an interesting word, defined in the dictionary as the “process of doing and seeing things, and of having things happen to you.” That’s the definition that we all know. But that’s not the only definition. Experience is also defined...Read More »

Content is King—but are we getting it right?

Our listening and comprehension skills are critical to our field. In the long list of skills that are required to excel at our work, these two rise to the top
of the list. The intersection of listening and comprehension (understanding)
is content.

2015 has been quite a whirlwind: from a new baby, a growing practice, exploring social media (what does it really means to be online), creating a new partnership and program (after 10 years of going at it solo), and balancing all of the above. It might have been wiser...Read More »

IFVP 2015 - Reflections on Our Craft

In July 2015, 135 visual practitioners gathered in Austin, Texas to connect and learn more about our craft. Our industry association, IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners), is celebrating its 20th year and has grown to over 500 members. It’s been a winding journey for our field, and for...Read More »

Let's Change Your Next Conversation.

When I first came across graphic recording I was a program manager at a strategy think tank/consulting firm. I was responsible for putting together engaging, interactive, content-rich, live and virtual events for our membership program.  A colleague decided to take a course at the Grove in graphic facilitation and we...Read More »