Sophia Liang

Founder & Principal

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Working with Sophia makes meetings more engaging. With so many visual thinkers in our industry, we needed a way to create visual roadmaps of our conversations. Sophia captured the content of our conversations and ultimately helped us see the chapters of the story we were telling. Not only is her skill valuable in making meetings better, but the value lasts long after the meeting is over, with many of us referring to her work again and again.

Julie Michael
Executive Director, TEAM ONE

Sophia is passionate about people and enabling sustainable communications within teams and inside organizations by utilizing the power of visual communication. She has an extensive background in designing experiential learning events with a focus on creating moments that matter. Her background has taught her that in order for people to truly listen and understand one another, they must be engaged on multiple sensory levels. Remember the last time you pulled out a piece of paper and pen to draw a diagram to illustrate your point? That’s what she does with her clients every day — listening, focusing, and synthesizing ideas into bite-size chunks to enable more productive and engaged collaboration.

As part of her practice, Sophia teaches internal and public graphic facilitation workshops to put the power of the pen into the hands of her clients. She believes that when groups are given the power to voice and visualize their own ideas, they have better conversations, and then make better decisions.

Recent clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Walt Disney Imagineering, Dolby Labs, Google, and Genentech, as well as both not-for-profit organizations and government agencies. Sophia is part of The Grove Consulting associate network (one of the original graphic facilitation firms, based in SF) and has run graphic recording workshops at the International Association of Facilitators annual conference for the last two years. In 2011, Sophia co-chaired the IFVP annual conference, bringing together people from all over all over the world to learn and discuss the implications of our work and how we can better partner with our clients in these challenging times.

When she’s not traveling for work, Sophia enjoys salsa and west coast swing dancing, and cooking in her home in Los Angeles.

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